Teaching and Learning 2017-18

Visit to An Roth

MICT are helping the community to buy Ardura Forest. We went along to learn more and to show our support. Ella reports below…


Christmas News

We used our talking and listening skills to share our Christmas news and then wrote a concise paragraph about the most memorable part. We then read our news aloud.


Mile a Day on the Trail

We used our nature trail to walk and jog our mile a day.

Sweet Welcome

Ella and Lucy used their creativity and literacy skills on the last day of their holidays.



Mull Otter AGM

Ms. Bidwell attended the Mull Otter AGM on Saturday 11th November in the Isle of Mull Hotel to share the pupils Lochdon Swan Nature Trail video with the group and to share further information about the trail. We are delighted to be sponsoring the Mull Otter group to place an information board along our trail. The video was very well received and there was a lot interest and enthusiasm for our creation.

Happy Birthday Jamie

Our new catering manager Helen kindly made an amazing Victoria Sponge Cake to help celebrate Jamie’s birthday…

Jamie’s Floating Globe


Lest We Forget…

Food Technology

A big thank you to Flora for coming in to the school to share her baking skills with the children. We use our listening and teamwork skills to create chocolate brownies for our Halloween Community cafe. We are looking forward to sharing them

Sharing our Learning…

Trail Guides and Music
On the last day of term Ulva pupils came to our school for a guided walk along the trail and left us valuable feedback as to what they enjoyed and things we could improve. They particularly enjoyed playing pooh sticks and learning all about the author AA Milne and the origin of pooh sticks. Afterwards all pupils took part in a rich learning musical opportunity with Ms. Roth and sang as well playing the violins in a group. It was a lovely way to end a successful term of a variety of learning experiences.

Gaelic MOD Singing

Congratulation to our pupils for an enthusiastic performance at the MOD in the action song, on Friday, where our art, music and Gaelic learning was shared. A very big well done to Lucy who amazed with a confident and beautiful performance in her Solo. Harry has written the report below. Photo’s to follow…

The Mod

On the eighth of September 2017, we went to a Gaelic singing and music event called the Mod. Which is held at Aros Hall in Tobermory and we sung our hearts out.

I was Noah’s son, Ella was Noah’s wife, Jamie was Noah, Grace was a horse rider and Lucy was a bagpiping fox. We made an ark out of cardboard. There were lots of animals that went on to the ark and at the end Grace got to throw a dolphin into the ark.

When we did the MOD we were very nervous when but that was my last MOD. I really enjoyed the MOD but I will not do it in high school.

By Harry P7

Information Boards Have Arrived…

On Twitter…

Today’s Afternoon Learning on Twitter…

We discovered that there are 1609.344 metres in a mile. We measured from the trail start to the mid point of the bridge and found that it was 854.5 metres, half a mile. Our nature trail is a mile long. Perfect for a mile a day route. We picked brambles and found an earthworm and a butterfly enroute.


We went to Salen to join Ulva and Salen schools for a training session with Alan Wright the Rugby Development Officer…

Whale and Dolphin Headland watch








Welcome Back to an Exciting Year of Learning Ahead…

Reading is such an essential underpinning and integral part to our students successful learning, proved to raise attainment and achievement at our school. It was brilliant to see the sun out at break and Grace relaxing with her Accelerated Reader book at break.