Teaching and Learning 2017-18

Nature Trail

We enjoy learning and experiencing life along our trail… We hope that you do to.


We enjoyed being tour guide hosts on the 19th June 2018 to 33 Rockfield Primary School pupils.



Delighted to win a regional award in the Better Energy Awards 2018… Thank you to all involved.



Encouraging a love of reading and a depth of knowledge, when making sense of reading, is paramount to us all at Lochdonhead. We are very proud of all the pupils willingness to select the books that interest them and to read for pleasure in and beyond the classroom.


Sharing our Learning

We created posters for a Government meeting in Oban where they were having a summit about plastics. We wanted to share our environmental learning.


Gaelic and music

We have been learning our Gaelic Mod songs with Rhiona and practicing our voice warm ups with a vowel son… “a,e,i.o,u… hoo.” We will be teaming up with Ulva and also hope some pupils will feel confident enough to enter the solo competitions

Science – Experiments and fun making slime worms 



Maths – learning through games


Island wide – Advertising our Nature Trail


Sports Day

We participated in an island wide sports day. We were lucky enough to win medals in the cricket ball throw, the high jump and 100m. Well done Sara, Jamie and Emily. Congratulations to all pupils who joined in the fun sports and competed at their best in the athletics.


Social Studies… Health and Wellbeing

Adaptability and flexibility in learning can be advantageous. When the microwave in the kitchen set off the fire alarm we were lucky when the local community fire fighters turned up to help us. Fortunately we did not need them to fight any fire but they checked that everything was safe and we used our talking and listening skills to learn about this vital service. Thank you to all the crew for attending and teaching us whilst you were here.


Technology and Maths – “Can we build it? Yes we can!”

Using our reading for information, measuring, mathematical language skills and technological thinking, along with teamwork and cooperation; we put together our wishing well. This was funded by pupil prize winning money from last year  – Thanks Alex!


Forest Schools – May 2018



“Power to the People!”

We went to Dervaig for the Generation Science work shop. We learned about electricity and how it works by taking part in practical experiments.


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Reading – “Wonder”

Wonderful engagement and literacy learning from all pupils this afternoon. Reciprocal reading  – clarifying, skimming and scanning and summarising. What does the main character, August, look like? Next steps – portraiture art…


Music – Samba

We are all enjoying our Samba learning with Martin. Rhythms, beats and lyrics – super teamwork!





Tobermory Spring Flower Show

Well done to all of our pupils for their Tobermory Flower show entries and the prize winners. Sarah 1st with her Royal Wedding plate and Emily 2nd with her plate. Ella was second with her clay daffodils and Grace was third with her painted wellington boot.



Drama in the Community

Well done to Lucy and Ella for performing their drama play ‘Sisters’ to the residents and staff of Bowman’s Court. Lots of laughter and fun. Congratulations to all pupils for showing their positivity, being caring and respectful and  all aspects of their behaviour. A real credit to our school and their families.20180503_141523.jpg

Personal Learning Projects – Literacy across Learning
We worked in collaboration with Ulva primary school ,  we practised our presentations and shared the learning of our Pebble projects.


Science and Technology – Forces and Flight.


High School Transition

Pupils experienced a valuable learning day in Tobermroy High school for a health day in aid of sports relief as part of their transition to high school. It impacts on their self-confidence and resilience as they prepare to move on from Lochdonhead. All our pupils displayed their positivity, caring and respectfulness and enjoyed their day.


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Once upon a time Far, far, far away in the land of fairy tales and nightmares… a big sister was left to babysit her little sister! Fun and high jinks with some giggles along the way! P4-7 used their creativity to invent an original dynamic script and Ella and Lucy displayed a dynamic performance evidenced by a spectacular show such positive feedback from the audience and community.



Scientific Explorers – Wild about Scotland Bus…

When the wild about Scotland bus visited we had a fun filled afternoon connecting with the natural world; pond dipping and exploring our envionment. We were confident individuals when we used our critical curiosity skills to identify and analyse the characteristics of animals and their habitats.


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Just because we can…


Personal Based Learned

It is important for every pupil to know how to learn and to practice the skills they need to be life-long learners. Pupils being able to choose their own area of interest to learn about facilitates this process. They apply their personal learning skills to explore higher order thinking within a subject area that engages and motivates them. They analysis, evaluate and create their own learning journey throughout the process and choose their own outcomes. The Pupils are encouraged to continue their learning beyond the classroom. Ella is learning about woodturning and aimed to produce a pen and a bowl. Her interdisciplinary learning includes experiences in technology, science and expressive arts. Her outcome is to apply her learning skills to creating a pen and a bowl.


Gaelic Learners

Every morning we participate in a Gaelic activity. We enjoy playing colours and number bingo to build our knowledge, fluency and confidence.


Pirate Learners

We created and made our own Pirate ship book corner.


Pirate Learners

We are learning like pirates…


Mental Maths

As part of our math learning we apply our ‘number talk’ skills. We use our mental maths knowledge to think about an answer to a number sum and then share and describe and discuss how we found the answer. Sometimes we lead the learning and ask some really difficult questions. We build our confidence in identifying different strategies find solutions.


World Book Day Escapism…

We planned and led our own ideas for learning on World Book Day. We bought our favourite books into school and wore clothes that we could relax in to enjoy our reading experience. We began the 100 million minutes reading challenge and finished the day 4th on the leader board. The challenge runs from 1st March until the 29th March and along with other readers, nationally, we are attempting to read a combined total of 100 million minutes! Clicck this link to find out more

Members of the school staff and community joined us to share their favourite book, we also read silently and created Lego models to show the settings in our books. It was an awesome day because we love reading and sharing reading.


Learning to Recycle Correctly

Sian from MICT came to teach lead a recycling workshop and show us how to recycle correctly. We learned that it is important to ensure the sustainability of our planet by making sure we reuse and recycle our planets resources. We decided that we will be able to recycle more effectively if we order smaller recycle bins for inside the school.


Writing for Success

Today we focused on a cold writing assessment to create an imaginative story and worked alone without any help. Our writing is assessed so that we can see how well we are doing and plan our next steps for learning. We were all pleased with how well we did and Ms Bidwell was delighted with our focused literacy and learning skills.


Snow Fun in the Playground Today


Internet Safety Day

We learned all about the importance of staying safe online. Our local community policeman PC. Grierson came into talk to us about our knowledge and about the dangers as well as inform us of how we can stay safe.


Families of The Nancy Glen

We wanted to join in the support for the families of the men from Tarbet who are believed to have died on Loch Fyne and contribute effectively. We chose to bake some cakes at home and bring them in to sell. We shared leaflets along the Nature Trail and advertised on Facebook. We baked with the support of our families at home and brought cakes to sell for donations outside the school. Two ladies drove all the Bunessan to donate and came in to congratulate us for supporting a neighbouring community. We had sold all of our cakes by lunch time and raised a grand total of £200. We received further donations to bring our total to £216 even though there were no cakes left! Well done and thanks to everyone involved we really appreciated the support. Also well done to Ella who raised money before the event by baking and selling cakes in Java at Craignure.


World of Work – MICT

Our interdisciplinary topic this term combines Literacy, Health and Wellbeing, Technology and Social Studies. We are producing a newsletter for children by childr. To understand more about the job roles in MICT we went along to An Roth to interview members of staff.


We celebrate Personal Achievement – Well done Ella

Ella was very caring when she shared her creation from home with us… It tasted amazing.



Visit to An Roth

MICT are helping the community in their attempt to buy Ardura Forest. We went along to learn more and show our support. Ella reports below…



Christmas News

We used our talking and listening skills to share our Christmas news and then wrote a concise pargraph and then read the aloud.


Mile a Day on the Trail

We used our nature trail to walk and jog our mile a day.


Sweet Welcome

Ella and Lucy used their creativity and literacy skills on the last day of their holidays.


Mull Otter AGM

Ms. Bidwell attended the Mull Otter AGM on Saturday 11th November in the Isle of Mull Hotel to share the pupils Lochdon Swan Nature Trail video with the group and to share further information about the trail. We are delighted to be sponsoring the Mull Otter group to place an information board along our trail. The video was very well received and there was a lot interest and enthusiasm for our creation.


Christmas cards with Auntie Monica

Ella’s auntie Monica kindly came into school to show us how to make our own Christmas cards.


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Happy Birthday Jamie

Our new catering manager Helen kindly made an amazing Victoria Sponge Cake to help celebrate Jamie’s birthday…


Jamie’s Floating Globe


Lest We Forget…


Food Technology

A big thank you to Flora for coming in to the school to share her baking skills with the children. We use our listening and teamwork skills to create chocolate brownies for our Halloween Community cafe. We are looking forward to sharing them.

Photographs of us making chocolate brownies and the Halloween Community Café below


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What happens if we make brownies without eggs? Would people taste the difference? Would they know which one was made with eggs? How would the results differ? We made brownies with and without eggs to discover the answer…


Sharing our Learning…

Trail Guides and Music
On the last day of term Ulva pupils came to our school for a guided walk along the trail and left us valuable feedback as to what they enjoyed and things we could improve. They particularly enjoyed playing pooh sticks and learning all about the author AA Milne and the origin of pooh sticks. Afterwards all pupils took part in a rich learning musical opportunity with Ms. Roth and sang as well playing the violins in a group. It was a lovely way to end a successful term of a variety of learning experiences.


Gaelic MOD Singing

Congratulation to our pupils for an enthusiastic performance at the MOD in the action song, on Friday, where our art, music and Gaelic learning was shared. A very big well done to Lucy who amazed with a confident and beautiful performance in her Solo. Harry has written the report below. Photo’s to follow…

The Mod

On the eighth of September 2017, we went to a Gaelic singing and music event called the Mod. Which is held at Aros Hall in Tobermory and we sung our hearts out.

I was Noah’s son, Ella was Noah’s wife, Jamie was Noah, Grace was a horse rider and Lucy was a bagpiping fox. We made an ark out of cardboard. There were lots of animals that went on to the ark and at the end Grace got to throw a dolphin into the ark.

When we did the MOD we were very nervous when but that was my last MOD. I really enjoyed the MOD but I will not do it in high school.

By Harry P7

Information Boards Have Arrived…

On Twitter…

Today’s Afternoon Learning on Twitter…

We discovered that there are 1609.344 metres in a mile. We measured from the trail start to the mid point of the bridge and found that it was 854.5 metres, half a mile. Our nature trail is a mile long. Perfect for a mile a day route. We picked brambles and found an earthworm and a butterfly enroute.



Rugby in Salen


We went to Salen to join Ulva and Salen schools for a training session with Alan Wright the Rugby Development Officer…

Whale and Dolphin Headland watch



Welcome Back to an Exciting Year of Learning Ahead…

Reading is such an essential underpinning and integral part to our students successful learning, proved to raise attainment and achievement at our school. It was brilliant to see the sun out at break and Grace relaxing with her Accelerated Reader book at break.