Spreading Christmas Cheer!

Here are a few events that we have taken part in over the last couple of weeks

Written by Lucy and Callum

Christmas Play

On Monday the 9th of December 2019 Lochdonhead Primary School performed The Nativity.

When it was time to perform the hall was filled with people, all of the seats were filled.

It was really hard to do as there was only seven of us, some of us had to do costume changes in the middle. The people and characters in the play were…

Lucy- Narrator / Shepherd

Callum –Narrator / Soldier / Innkeeper

Leo-King Herod / Joseph

Mya –Angel /King


Hannah- Angel / King

Isla- Mary

At the beginning everyone was very scared but when we had finished we all really enjoyed it. Everyone was very good because when we made a mistake we carried on anyway and everyone helped remind people of their lines.

We really enjoyed performing the Christmas play and hope you enjoyed it too.

Mull Musical Minds

On Thursday the 12th of December 2019 Lochdonhead and Ulva primary school had a joint day together.

When it was lunch time we had Christmas dinner, Miss Helen cooked it for us, we all had eco-friendly Christmas crackers. The lunch was really good.

When we had eaten our lunch and had our break we went to sing to Mull Musical Minds.

When we got there we sang Christmas songs and songs from our Christmas play. At the end we all were singing Jingle Bells and when we had finished the song Santa came into the room. He had a big sack filled with lots of presents. He gave everyone from Mull Musical Minds a Christmas present and he gave us all chocolate Santa’s, we sang Jingle Bells and he left. We all had a really fun time.

Christmas Jumper Day

Friday 13th December was Christmas Jumpe Day – we all wore our jumpers!


Decorating the Community Christmas Tree

We all made our own christmas tree decorations and took them down to Craignure to share with the community on their tree.


Christmas party

On Tuesday 17th of December 2019 Lochdonhead Primary organised a Christmas party. We invited parents and toddlers. We played a game before everyone got here. When they got here, the toddlers joined in and we all had fun. Then we heard bells, we got told to go down stairs and we all sang Jingle Bells and SANTA came in! He sat down and gave us presents! We all enjoyed it! After that we sang Jingle Bells again and he left. Then we all had food and played more games, before the day  ended.


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