Last week, we headed out into the wild corner of the playground to hunt out some bugs.

Previously, the children had created a bug house to try and encourage more creatures to live, as well as a hedgehog house.

We started our exploration by checking the state of the bug and hedgehog houses. The children noticed that there was quite a difference in appearance, since the last time they were there. They noticed there was a lot less foliage covering the house and it wasn’t so obcvious to spot the bugs.

After closer inspection with our magnifying glasses, we found some tiny worms, a woodlouse, spiders, snails and a moth!

The children then came up with ideas as to how we could try and imporve the conditions to encourage more bugs back to our space….

Lucy: More leaves

Callum: More food

Nouille: More sticks

We were lucky that our willow tunnel has recently been tidied and therefore there were some twigs left over. It was a great idea from all the children to add these to the bug house and see what happens!



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