Maths Week – Problem Solving

Article 29 (goals of education)

We have been doing problem solving for maths week. We have used RACE CAR to help us to figure out how to solve problems.

Race car means: read, ask, choose, experiment, check, answer and report. We are getting better at solving our problems every day. It is the 7 steps of problem solving.

We have been discovering how we can stop the rabbits from eating the royal food by putting guards in the right places in the garden. We had to figure out together how many guards we needed and where to put them. We started with 12 guards and worked it down to only needing 3! This was really hard and took a lot of figuring out. We put the guards at f I and e. We put the rabbits on to check if the guards could see them all. We all made drawings to help us. Some of us used counters to act out the bunnies and guards to check.

We have started to realise how important problem solving is. Video gamers have to be good at problem solving to play computer games, and the people who make the video games too! We want to get better at problem solving too.


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