Nature Trail – Feedback from Better Energy School Awards


Many congratulations to everyone at Lochdonhead Primary School who took part in your project ‘Lochdon Swan Nature Trail’ for being selected as a Regional Winner in the Better Energy School Awards!  We received entries from over 23,500 children, so being selected to win an Award is a real achievement, especially as standards were so high this year.  Your prize cheque will be posted to you soon and should be with you within the next two weeks.  

Congratulations to the pupils and staff of Lochdonhead Primary School – what an ambitious project you have embarked upon and you have adopted an extremely professional approach.  We were very impressed by the way you have sought detailed information and knowledge from experts and the way that you have involved your community in the development of your nature trail.  The photos give us a real insight into the children’s involvement and enthusiasm for the project and it is particularly impressive that such a small group of children has achieved so much.  We wish you every success as you launch your nature trail and would very much like to see the finished result!  We hope you will take part in the Better Energy School Awards again next year.

 Thank you once again for taking part in the Awards and for helping your students to learn more about taking care of our world.  We very much hope you will take part again next year!


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