Groupcall Text messaging and the Xpressions App

Groupcall Text/email  messaging service

The school mobile number is a PC based system provided by groupcall that staff can access from any computer. It has the ability to send and receive text messages.  We would not generally reply to communication as this would incur costs to the school. Please be assured that we do receive your text messages. If we have had no communication when your child is absent from school we would send out an individual groupcall message, this would be followed up with a phone call if we did not receive a response.  This number does not have the ability to receive incoming telephone calls, please only send text messages.  If preferred due to signal difficulties you can choose to receive any school communication via email.

You can also download the Groupcall Xpressions App and  receive notifications from school on your mobile phone!

Groupcall Xpressions is a new service created by the award-winning school communication company Groupcall Limited. This exciting new service is now available for parents to ensure communication for everyone is easier and more effective.

The app is completely free of charge to you and can be installed on your mobile phone or tablet. It currently supports both Apple iOS and Android devices (with Windows mobile to follow) and you’ll be able to receive information from your child’s school.

If you have children in different schools within Argyll and Bute you will be able to receive information on multiple children within the same app.  For SMS messages only one carer can be nominated.  Please choose who would like to receive text messaging, both parents can download the expressions app and receive messages via this route.

What do I need to do now?

Please download the app from your usual App store. You will be prompted to enter the email address and mobile phone number that your child’s school currently hold as contact details for you. If your details don’t match the App won’t download.  You’ll need to make sure you keep contact details up to date in future to maintain access to the Xpressions App.

You can access information and support at the following website

Communications to parents will primarily be by email or push notifications using the Xpressions App, when the communication is standard to all parents, such as advising of school holiday dates or charity days in the school. Where we need to communicate individually with parents the method will be determined by the nature of the message.

Please note – the Xpressions App requires you to be connected to wi-fi or data in order for the push notification to be downloaded. You may incur costs if you do not have a data package or exceed your data limit on your mobile device. However you can amend settings within the Xpressions App to download the notifications when connected to wi-fi only.

If you have any questions regarding the new system please get in touch with the office.  Thank you

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