Intergenerational Project – Story Telling Workshops

You may have heard that we’ve been developing an exciting new intergenerational project which aims to bring children and those more mature members of the community together through various activities.

One of the activities is a local living history project to help bring islanders of different ages and backgrounds together to celebrate island life.   The aim is to bring  volunteers together from across the generations and from different backgrounds (i.e. those born on the island, those who have been living here a while and relative new comers) to share their stories about growing up, living and working on Mull and explore stories/songs/poems/anecdotes from living memory in the oral history archives.


The stories gathered will then be turned into an album of songs (a mix of Gaelic and English) by professional musicians (the band Tidelines- Ross Wilson from Bunessan and Robert Robertson plus Alasdair Whyte from Salen) and performed at island-wise concerts during the late summer.  Those folks involved in the story-telling  will also have the opportunity to sing and/or play an instrument on the album and perform with the musicians at the concerts if they wish.

The story-telling workshops with the musicians are taking place at:

2-4.30pm on Saturday 1st April at the Scout Hall in Tobermory

2-4.30pm on Sunday 2nd April in the Ross of Mull Historical Centre Bunessan

They’ll be tea, coffee and cake too, so please do come along to share your story and have some fun!


Siân Scott

Project Manager

Urras Coimhearsnachd Mhuile agus Idhe

Mull And Iona Community Trust


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