Active Schools – Community Sport Hub Initiative

Active schools  are holding a public presentation to introduce the national Community Sport Hub initiative to sports clubs in the Mull & Iona  Area. The presentation, given by Jillian Gibson, A&B community Sport Hubs Officer will be on  in IOMRFC Clubhouse at Garmony and we would like to invite all clubs along.

Community Sport Hubs provide a home for sport. They bring together sport clubs and key local partners who want to develop and grow the sporting opportunities offered in their community. Community Sports Hubs focus on sustainable, community-led approaches that get clubs working together to develop welcoming, safe and fun environments for sport.

They are Lottery-funded and are one of sport Scotland’s key programmes which support local sport clubs to play their part in a world-class sporting system. Community Sport Hubs and sport clubs play a key role in delivering sporting opportunities within communities and help aspiring participants, coaches and athletes develop and learn.

A Community Sport Hub is essentially progressive sport clubs working together in a local community.   This is an exciting opportunity for community sport in the Mull & Iona area and we look forward to welcoming you along.  If you would like any further information in advance of the meeting please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jillian Gibson, Community Sport Hubs Officer for Argyll & Bute  or Babs Whyte with any queries.

To find out more about Community Sport Hubs, visit

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